Food, Drink & Cell Phone Usage

Food and Drink in the Library

This policy is intended to preserve library materials, computer equipment, and furnishings, and to maintain a pleasant and comfortable environment for students, faculty and staff. Since food and drink pose a potential risk to our resources, we ask that you act responsibly when consuming food and drink in the library.

1.       Food is limited to small items which are generally consumed individually while seated at tables or carrels.

          Not permitted:

A.      Meals or messy, aromatic foods (e.g. pizza, salads, subs, and soup)

B.      Group meals where food is shared by more than one person

C.      Delivery of food to the library

2.       Beverages in covered containers and water bottles are allowed.

3.       Beverages in covered containers and food as described above are permitted except:

A.      At electronic workstations

B.      In photocopier/scanner areas

For your convenience, trash and recycling containers are located throughout each library.

Users not complying with these guidelines will be reminded of the policy and then asked to relocate if they are unwilling to comply. Interpretation of these guidelines is at the discretion of Library staff.

Cell Phone use in the Library

Warner Memorial Library understands the complex demands that our campus community must be capable of responding to and the corresponding usefulness of cell phones. While we appreciate the practicality of carrying a cell phone wherever you go, please abide by the following guidelines, in order to preserve the proper climate for research and study.

1.       We would greatly appreciate if all cell phones were changed to vibrate or silent ring tone settings while in a library.

2.       Please do not answer calls on your cell phone while in a library. We would request that if you must take the call, please take it outside immediately.

3.       Do not talk on your cell phone while in “discreet” sections of the building (e.g. the restrooms, stairwells, corners, etc.).

4.       Please utilize text messaging and email as you are comfortable.

5.       If possible, please turn off your cell phone while using the library.

6.      Failure to comply with the instructions may result in a request for you to leave the library premises and/or suspension of library privileges.