Warner Library maintains collections of electronic theses and dissertations for Eastern University and Palmer Seminary graduate programs. Library submission requirements are determined by each individual department; however, it is Warner Library’s goal to maintain complete collections of Eastern University graduate student work.

As of December 2019, the Library will no longer handle print copies of theses and dissertations. Prior years’ theses and dissertations are available at the Library and can be searched in the online catalog. Moving forward the Library will maintain electronic submissions (only). Students should apply the following directions to submit their work electronically.

Have questions? Need help? Contact the Reference Desk, reference1777@eastern.edu or 610.341.1777

Submitting a Thesis/Dissertation

Submission of a thesis or dissertation involves three possible steps. Step 1 is mandatory; Steps 2 and 3 are optional.

Step 1:  Fill out the Eastern University's Dissertation and Thesis Copyright and Library Release Form.This form grants permission for Warner Library to store an electronic copy of academic work by Eastern students. Students fill out the form and attach a PDF or text file of their thesis or dissertation. The copy is stored on the library’s hard drive for archival purposes. If the file is too large, students may send the copy to Chelsea Post, Systems Librarian, at cpost@eastern.edu, along with all the information required on the form.

Step 2: Submit a copy of a thesis or dissertation which would be included in Warner Library's Dissertations & Theses @ Eastern University database. Doing this will make the work available to currently enrolled students, as well as faculty and staff. Click on Proquest Dissertations & Theses and follow the directions by selecting Traditional Publishing. There is no charge for this service.

Step 3: Students who would also like their thesis or dissertation to be available electronically on the Internet may submit their work through Proquest Dissertations & Theses, following the directions by selecting Open Access Publishing PLUS. There is a charge from Proquest.

For additional information, please look at the following handout.